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GR-150 is an environmentally safe water absorbent (water absorbing crystals) that soaks up excess  water in the soil and holds it until your grass and plant roots need it.  GR-150 acts as a water reservoir in the soil...one that can be filled and emptied many times.  The use of GR-150 will result in less care and watering for virtually all plant-growing applications.

Product Features

  • Holds 80 - 150 times its weight in water in most soils.
  • Reduces watering frequency by as much as 50%.
  • Reduces transplant shock and mortality.
  • Increase water-retaining capabilities of light, loose soils.
  • Reduces compaction of dense soils
  • Allows plants to thrive between waterings.
  • Is economical ---- costs 30% - 60% less than other water absorbers.


Directions for Use


64 ounce pail w/handle


16 ounce jar w/shaker cap


30 pound pail


12 pound pail


Additional Quantities

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55 pound bag


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