Calcium Phosphate
Monosodium Phosphate
Phosphoric Acid FG
Caustic Soda, beads/flake
Magnesium Hydroxide, bulk
Sodium metabisulfite
Caustic Potash, bulk
MonoAmmonium Phosphate
Sodium Phosphates
Caustic Soda 50%, bulk
MonoPotassium Phosphate
Trisodium Phosphate
Disodium Phosphate
Polyphosphoric acid 115
Tricalcium Phosphate

- phosphates available in supersacks and bags - - we give you access to the lowest cost Phosphate producers in the World -

We represent the largest producers of polyacrylamide polymers for wastewater and water treatment applications. Our representatives will be happy to do jar testing to find the right product for your application. We can be your low cost supplier on dry cationic or anionic, liquid emulsion, polymer chemistries. Our DryOut and ClearOut lines of high performance dewatering aids will work up to 10 - 15% better than our competitors products. Our agent will contact you to get a better understanding of your operating parameters. This will give us the tools necessary to select the best polymer for your application.

DryOut -a line of high quality cationic emulsions

ClearAid - a line of anionic emulsions

FlocOut - a group of water soluble polymers

ClearOut - high performance dry  polymers